About me

I grew up near Stockport, worked and studied in Manchester, Preston, Sheffield and Goole, then moved to London in 1996.

I’ve been writing pretty much the whole of my adult life. I trained as a journalist and have worked as a writer, sub-editor and editor for over 25 years. I have also written a lot of fiction, with my first published novel coming out in 2016.

After training as a journalist (Certificate in Reporter Journalism with Sheffield University; National Certificate in Newspaper Journalism), I worked for local newspapers in Goole and London. I then became the editor of in-house magazines for a major department store chain and, for the last 15 years, I’ve been the editor at an international development agency.

My first creative writing project was a comic called The Winebibber, written with fellow student Mike Stonelake at Lancashire Polytechnic, where I majored in psychology. The comic was eventually published by HarperCollins in a book entitled The Big Holy One.

Other creative writing projects have included the comic memoirs of Charles Dinglebury, a Victorian inventor and explorer, and a series of quirky short stories about the beautiful game of ball-foot, which I call Football Shorts. Read examples.

I then wrote my first novel, The Goole Gospels, which tells the story of a young vicar who arrives in a small East Yorkshire town determined to start life afresh, only to find himself embroiled in a complicated romance, church politics, and a run-in with the drugs underworld. Read the first chapter.

My first published novel is The Machine Society, a dystopian fiction set in London following a North/South war in the UK. It’s a thriller and a satire on how modern life has become submerged in branding, consumerism and virtual reality. Find out more.

I’m currently working on my third novel.

In recent years I qualified as a psychotherapist, with a Masters degree from Northampton University. Correspondingly, I have developed a keen interest in the cross-over between writing and therapy and in supporting students and psychotherapists with the preparation of essays, college work, papers and books.

I also help people who want to write their memoirs or family histories, an endeavour which I’ve found can be a creative and rewarding exercise.