Here is a selection of my creative writing, including my first attempt at a novel (The Goole Gospels) and a number of short stories.

Some of the writing is out and out silly (Charles Dinglebury, Football Shorts); some of it is poignant. Whatever the tone of the story, it strikes me that there is always a sense in which the characters are searching for meaning and fulfilment, which I'd suggest is the universal human predicament.

The Goole Gospels

My first novel (unpublished) was about a young vicar, Andy Parson, who moves to Goole, in East Yokshire, in search of love and meaning. Andy is also the author of an ironic retelling of the New Testament.

The Goole Gospels chapter one

The Memoirs of Charles Dinglebury (1804-89)

Charles Dinglebury was the foremost inventor and explorer of the Victorian era. His memoirs capture his literally unbelievable adventures.

The Folly of Philately


To Uranus and Beyond

The Tablets of the Gods

Deep Purple/Fireball

This novella was inspired by Deep Purple's Fireball album (released 1971) and was submitted for Bloomsbury to consider for its 33 1/3 series. The story eavesdrops on a lonely young teenager who discovers the album in 1979 and draws inspiration from it.

Deep Purple Fireball chapter one

Football shorts

This collection of bizarre, funny and thought-provoking stories celebrates the beautiful game of ball-foot.

If The Boot Fits

Chinese puzzle

Talking Football

The Ref Needs Specs