Editorial and copywriting service

Employing the services of a professional editor or copywriter will help to sharpen and refine your project.

You’ll get smooth flowing copy in a style and tone that’s appropriate for your audience.

Well-written copy demonstrates your professionalism, increases understanding among your readers, and will help to attract new clients.

Drawing upon extensive experience, I can write and edit in a wide range of styles – for print or electronic media, including websites, press releases, brochures, fiction and non-fiction.

Please get in touch to discuss your project: call 07944 748573 or  

Once I have clarity about your aims, I will offer you an outline of the proposed work, including a timeframe and an estimate of costs.

If you decide to proceed, we will make an agreement in writing concerning our work together (this can be done by email).

I work in a collegiate style – always seeking to understanding and adapt to your needs.

You will hold copyright on all the written material I produce for you. You will also hold legal liability and responsibility for all content.