A bespoke memoir and fiction writing service

I can help with the production of your memoir/family history or novel. As well as offering a writing service, I can take on the role of mentor to guide you through the process, from the initial concept to the production of a printed or online book.

I work in a supportive and flexible way. Writing your story will have its ups and downs. I know from researching my own family history that remarkable, and sometimes upsetting, discoveries can be made. And I know from writing my novel about the battle with writer's block.

I accept only a few projects at a time, which means I have space to give each project dedicated time and attention.

Please get in touch so we can discuss what you need and how we might proceed.

Read a sample chapter from a memoir I helped to write.


Since undertaking training in psychotherapy, I have acquired a deep appreciation for memoir, autobiography and family history.

We each have our own ‘surface level’ story – the most obvious things about our lives – but there is also much more.

In telling our stories, we can come to hold a deeper appreciation for who we are and what we have achieved.

Memoir is also an opportunity to create an historical document that can be of abiding significance for ourselves, our families, and for those who don’t know us yet.

Novels and fiction

I am interested in helping writers to develop their unique voice in fiction.

Writing fiction is an opportunity to capture, play around with and express the many voices and ideas we hold inside. In this way, writing fiction can be a process of self-discovery and a healing journey. I can draw on my training in psychology to help you do this.

I can also help with more mundane matters, such as writers’ block or planning your project amid the busyness of life.

How I work

My working style is supportive and encouraging, drawing upon my extensive experience in writing and psychology.

I promise confidentiality and can work flexibly to suit your pace and timetable.

With each project, I can help you through all stages, from generating the initial ideas to writing, editing, design and publication.

I work at an hourly rate, which can include personal visits and conversations over the phone. The cost is agreed in advance and paid in instalments as a project proceeds.

You will hold copyright on all written material. You will also hold legal liability and responsibility for all content.